Howdy. My name is Sarah Joy, Sarj for short. As my greeting may have indicated, I’m a Texan at heart, raised in Cowtown, USA (perhaps better known by it’s proper alias, Fort Worth, Texas). There you might have found me digging for old records and books, sampling greasy-food diners in tiny rural towns across the state, collecting stories from strange characters I’ve encountered, or talking on my front porch swing with my amazing brothers and sisters.


I graduated with a degree in communication from Boston College in Massachusetts, where I studied journalism, digital media, and cyberlaw. I also studied humanistic informatics for a spell at the University of Bergen in Norway, during which time I first made a few special trips to Berlin.


My interests can be summed up as: no wave and electronic dance music; novels and good journalism; cyberlaw and copyleft studies; online marketing and consumer technology. I was a radio DJ in Boston for about five years on WZBC 90.3FM. My last show, before I moved away from Boston, was “Persuasion” on Thursday nights, which I DJed together with my partner in crime, Will Lynch. We were also resident DJs at a party in Boston called “Secrets,” where we played a lot of deep house and drank a lot of IPAs. Sometimes I’m lucky enough to DJ in Berlin, but otherwise you’ll find me lolling in the sunshine in one of Berlin’s many tree-strewn parks, bouncing my head at the listening station of a local record store, or chuckling at New Yorker cartoons in one of the city’s myriad cozy cafes. On the social web, you’ll find me tweeting lots of links about music, technology, writing, and my love affair with living in Berlin.

Speaking of which: at the beginning of 2010, Will and I followed our hearts (and our ears) to Berlin, a city more vibrant with life, music, and art than any other place I’ve ever been. I was lucky enough to find a home at a wonderful start-up here, sociomantic labs, where I take care of marketing, privacy issues, recruitment, and more generally “fun”. You’ll find me tweeting about the future of advertising as @sociomantic.

Why I’m Here

This blog is purely personal, and does not express the ideas or opinions of my company, but you’ll find some business posts (mostly related to online marketing) scattered throughout my ramblings about electronic music and coffee shops. I anticipate that friends and family will read it, but I also hope that marketing gurus, techno-heads and people passing through Berlin might get a kick out of the relevant content.

Mostly, I just want to put something down. I’ve been blogging since the Diaryland days (which means about ten years now), and I think it’s time I try a little harder to take up cyberspace with something a little more worthwhile than rants about roommates or classes. (Key word: try.)

  1. Hi Sarj, thanks for this nice blog and telling us about DJing and Belin.
    Through other tutorials I stumbled across your slideshare page about gephiing a Facebook page and ended up here.
    My Project is to visualize a pretty large database on contemporary art worldwide / by exploring group exhibitions of artists with gephi.
    I am just at the beginning of this Project but I am happy to know that there is an expert like you who I may be ask for advice once I got stuck.
    Editor at
    Frankfurt a.M. / New York

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