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Absence Makes

In Uncategorized on October 28, 2010 at 9:59 pm

fall sunset berlin by sarj

It’s not to say that I take it for granted, but when you live somewhere you just start to think of your life there as “normal” — no matter how remarkable it would have seemed to the Me of just last year. Then once I’m away for one little weekend, I find myself anxious to return to the bosom of this dirty city and its scrubby, urban vogue. The things that once seemed so foreign here — the street smells, the humble, handsome crowds, the bizarre party hours —  are now the status quo that I long for when I’m away.

That said, last weekend in Amsterdam was amazing. It was a refreshing environment filled to the brim with just the sort of  folks I love to get to know. I went, of course, for ADE — but unlike Will, who went for work, I went for the parties and people. It was great to finally connect lots of names and faces from the industry, and I never cease to be tickled by the cozy charms of Amsterdam’s streets. RA’s party was a blast, to say the least. And Ostgut + Delsin’s finest had some sassy moments. Trouw was a fantastic venue: it’s hosts were unpretentious and generous. The crowd was approachable and comfortable. The conversations were juuuust right. Best music of the weekend: Delta Funktionen. Perfect, since I’ve developed a hard techno fetish for the fall.

And now we’re back in our (new) pad. Missing Boston’s leaves and far-away friends and family, but looking forward to seeing Boston and Texas again in December. New office on Monday. Favorite newish music lately: Space Dimension Controller (Temporary Thrillz), Margaret Dygas (Hidden From View, Hidden NSI Remix) and Traversable Wormhole (Closed Timelike Curve Marcel Dettmann Remix).

Fünf tomorrow in Pano…

I’m tired, that’s a wrap.